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About Our Classes

All of our group classes are typically 4 - 8 dogs per class. This is to give clients and their dogs individualized attention as needed in class. The Puppy Class is for those puppies 10 weeks to 5 months. The Beginner Class is all dogs over the age of 5 months. We usually teach Puppies and Beginner Dogs together in one class for socialization purposes. Advanced class is for any dog that has had previous training and can meet the requirements of a puppy or beginner class. All classes include written documentation for each lesson and a free clicker.


Puppy/ Beginner Training:

Here are just some of the tasks your dog will be able to perform by the end of the beginner class:

  • "Watch Me" (Look you in the eyes for 30 seconds or more when you ask him to give you his attention)

  • "Sit" and "Stay" in the same place for 30 seconds or more

  • "Lay Down" and "Stay" for 30 seconds or more

  • "Leave It" (leaves alone anything you tell him to, even a treat that you place on his/her paw)

  • "Come" When Called (runs to you when you call him)

  • Sit Nicely for Greeting People or Other Dogs.

Here are some of the behaviors we teach you to eliminate in your dog:

  • Jumping up on people

  • Digging in the Yard

  • Taking your Things

  • Chewing up Items in your House

  • Nipping and Biting

  • Pulling on the Leash and

  • Relieving himself in inappropriate places (going potty in the house)


Advanced Training:

The advanced training program is for any dog, puppy or otherwise, that has had previous training and can follow the commands taught in the beginning training class.

Here are some of the commands your dog will learn in the Advanced Class:

  • "Go to Bed" (which asks your dog to go to a particular place you point to and lie down, not just his bed, or for bedtime.)

  • "Heel" with Left Turns and Right Turns (which asks your dog to follow right by your side, not walking ahead of you or behind you, looking up at you for direction)

  • "Wait at Doorways" (teach your dog to stay on the other side of a doorway until he has permission to come through. Helps stop your dog from running out the door into the street.

  • Sit/Stay with Distractions and Down/Stay with Distractions (your dog learns to stay with balls bouncing around him, toys being thrown, treats dropped, other dogs passing by etc.)

  • "Come" When Called with Distractions (your dog learns to come to you excitedly regardless of the distractions in his way, toys/treats/smells)

  • Stay Even If You Are Out of View (your dog learns to stay even when he can't see you).

  • Stand Up from Lying Down position or Sitting position, and

  • Stand/Stay

  • Commands from a distance. Example: You can ask your dog to go to his bed regardless of where you are in the room. Instead of having to walk up to him and then give him the command.

Note: Please bring proof of vaccinations to first class. Should include vaccinations for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Parvo (DHLP-P), and Rabies*. Bordatella is recommended but not mandatory.

*Private Lesson Prices listed are based on locations in and around North Austin within 25 miles from Pflugerville. Other locations require an additional $15.00 fee for travel.

Please provide your dog's name, age and breed as requested on the final PayPal payment page.  Thanks!.

* Rabies shot is not required if your vet recommends waiting until he is a certain age to receive it.

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