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Our biggest goal as dog trainers, is to make sure dogs stay in the home and are not given up to shelters, (or worse!) due to behavioral problems. The average dog in a shelter is around 2 years of age, typically around the age when a dog begins to act out. Most dogs in shelters are there because they did not get proper training and owners become unable to handle them. If your dog is not in control before this time, and has not had training, your dog will be even more out of control when he or she reaches the age of two.

Some people say they can train their own dogs, and sometimes they can. But we've also had many desperate calls from potential clients in dire need of help because their dog didn't receive adequate training and they are now thinking about putting their dog to sleep!

"My dog is out of control, he jumps on the kids and on my friends at the door, and we have a new baby in the house, and I just can't afford to have him jumping on the baby!" Or...

"I don't know why my dog bites me all the time. I give her whatever she wants and she still bites me!"

These are common conversations that we have with various people. It's very sad for us to see a dog "put down" because they have ended up as biters, or bully's, or uncontrollable - when training at some point in their lives could have helped.

Remember: Training is good for both you and your dog. Your dog wants to understand the rules, and wants to please you. With training, you can begin to communicate with your dog. Also, when you have a dog that behaves, your life is much less stressful. Imagine coming home, with your dog sitting at the door, waiting quietly. He follows you into the living room and lies down at your feet. He doesn't beg for food, or jump up at the table. He doesn't rush to greet other dogs or people on your walks, or bark at them. He waits for you to give him permission to greet others. He runs to you when you call him, with a smile on his face. When you ask your dog to leave something alone, he backs away from it. You can ask him to go into his crate, or go lie down in another room, and he does so without even a whimper. That would be so nice, wouldn't it? This is what we want for you. So Train your Dog Now!

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