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Barbara Kraemer is a certified dog trainer and the owner and head trainer at Train Dog Now. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology specializing in behavioral research and modification from the University of North Texas.  She teaches group classes and gives seminars at various locations in and around the Austin and Georgetown area. She has also been the Director of Training at Happy Mailman Dogs, where she taught both group classes and private lessons.

Barbara has trained dogs of all breeds for several years. She is a certified trainer who specializes in behavioral issues such as biting, barking, digging in the yard, potty training issues, jumping up, pulling on the leash and much more. She has successfully trained over 500 dogs and she says she has yet to find a healthy dog that cannot be trained. She has volunteered at the Austin Humane Society, and is an active member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers which sets very high standards for the ethical training of animals.

Her training and curriculum is based on information from the top professionals in the industry such as Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Dr. Pamela Reid, Prof. Nicholas Dodman, Jean Donaldson, Nicole Wilde and Karen Pryor.


Train Dog Now specializes in training for dogs of all ages, from a 10-week old vaccinated puppy to a dog in his or her senior years. We believe in positive, reinforcement-based training, and we believe in making it fun. This type of training greatly enhances the dog-owner relationship and builds trust between the owner and dog and has been proven to be a highly reliable form of training. In order to accomplish this we use the clicker method of training. Our goal is to teach pet owners how to communicate effectively with their dogs, to ensure they become an integral part of their family.

Barbara has lived in the Austin area for over 15 years with her husband Dan. They have three wonderful dogs (Zander, Harley and Tessa Marie) and a beautiful smoke and white Persian cat named Gianni.

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